REGISTRATION FEES (non-refundable): $75 per child

Forms are available once child/ren are accepted.

Cost of Tuition for 2019-2020 for all students: $3,475per child

FUNDRAISING There is a $150/$200 Fundraising fee.  All families are asked to assist by raising the fee through their participation in school fundraisers.  If the fee is not raised it is asked that the fee be paid with the tuition and fees.  You will be asked at the beginning of the year if you would like to participate.

The actual cost of a student is $5,500.  The contributed services of the Sisters of Notre Dame, contributions from  the Alumni and other donors, as well as fundraising efforts enable us to charge less than the per-pupil cost.



St. Patrick School participates in the FACTS Grant and AID Assessment Program.  Any family who wishes may apply.  Financial aid is awarded annually based upon financial need.

Ninety percent of St. Patrick students receive some amount of financial aid due to the generosity of the Catholic Schools Foundation Scholarship Fund and private donors. 

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